Growing an audience is increasingly competitive. Reveal is your content strategy's best friend.

Content Marketing Funnel Landscape


Uncover more content marketing ideas quicker by monitoring external market trends.


Study your competitive content landscape and understand how your strategy fits in.


Speed up content audits and benchmark key metrics compared to the competition.

Validate with industry context

Combine these content metrics with your conversion goal data to demonstrate the total value of your strategy. 

Search Rankings

Search Engine Rankings

Track your search rankings and find competitive keyword ideas.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness Icon

Measure your content’s full effect on brand mentions.

Site Backlinks

Backlink Network

Assess your backlink profile and find linking opportunities.

Social Engagement

Social Media Engagement

See how much social engagement topics or competitors receive.

Content Marketing Intelligence

Competitive Content Intelligence

Reverse engineer competitor content strategies and identify patterns in the market you can leverage to compete better. Track key industry players to fuel your content strategy with a stream of actionable competitive intelligence.

Content Analysis Icon

Faster Content Audits

Analyze your content performance, specific competitor strategies or market trends with one application. Reveal eases the process of auditing your landscape’s content to narrow in on the insights faster.

Content Benchmarking Table

Content Performance Benchmarking

Understand where to focus your resources based on industry trends and improve your content marketing performance with a complete comparison of metrics across the industry.

Keep your eye on the market with a powerful toolset

Facebook Analysis

Monitor and compare your Facebook page performance with competitors.

Twitter Analysis

Find what drives follower growth and generates engagement for you and your market. 

Google+ Analysis

Explores ways to increase your content distribution and find influencers to engage with.

YouTube Analysis

Maximize your Video Marketing investment with an infusion of YouTube insights.

Blog Analysis

Measure the performance industry blogs and feed your strategy with rich insights.

Website Analysis

Gauge the success of any website and compare traffic metrics like Traffic Visits and Bounce Rates. 

Search Engine Marketing

Track your keyword ecosystem and analyze the market’s backlink profile.

Email Tracking

Discover new email marketing ideas. Find the best time to send emails. 

Social Listening

Know what people think about brands and measure Share of Voice in multiple channels.

Industry Influencers

Fuel your influencer program with an influencer discovery engine tailored to your specific market.

Content Discovery

Find the best performing content for your audience to engage with.

Custom Benchmark Scores

Benchmark your digital marketing performance and set metric and KPI targets.