Your internal marketing data can only tell you so much. Benchmark your strategy against the firms you most closely compete with for contextual insights and to better optimize marketing strategies. Demonstrate marketing ROI in its proper context.

Benchmark Leaderboard

Benchmark companies across your digital landscape


Evaluate industry leaders

Track competitors with similar objectives or capabilities and quickly identify who’s leading in each channel and which companies are growing most rapidly.

Competitor Benchmark Scores Radar

Benchmark your marketing performance

How do your digital marketing metrics stack up against the industry at large? Rapidly identify areas for improvement, set the right KPI targets and track growth as your strategy evolves.

Benchmark Marketing

Leverage competitor weaknesses

Find points of weaknesses within the market that can be turned into opportunities. The marketing channels and tactics that the competition ignores become your opportunities.

Custom Benchmark Score Weights

Customizable scores

Customize any score to fit your unique industry and prioritize the KPIs that matter the most to your business.


Product Benchmarking

Create product or service profiles to analyze competitive offerings and market positions. Create market-ready product roadmaps and focus your resources on attaining your unique positioning in the market. Customize criteria and scoring according to customer needs and industry capabilities.

Product Benchmarking Scores

Financial Benchmarking

Compare your company’s capital performance with the industry. Access to public financial data for leading companies in every industry in the U.S.

finance benchmarking

Human Resources Benchmarking

Analyze and compare strategic HR investment trends by categories, employees and job postings.

HR Benchmarks

Keep your eye on the market with a powerful toolset

Facebook Analysis

Monitor and compare your Facebook page performance with competitors.

Twitter Analysis

Find what drives follower growth and generates engagement for you and your market. 

Google+ Analysis

Explores ways to increase your content distribution and find influencers to engage with.

YouTube Analysis

Maximize your Video Marketing investment with an infusion of YouTube insights.

Blog Analysis

Measure the performance industry blogs and feed your strategy with rich insights.

Website Analysis

Gauge the success of any website and compare traffic metrics like Traffic Visits and Bounce Rates. 

Search Engine Marketing

Track your keyword ecosystem and analyze the market’s backlink profile.

Email Tracking

Discover new email marketing ideas. Find the best time to send emails. 

Social Listening

Know what people think about brands and measure Share of Voice in multiple channels.

Industry Influencers

Fuel your influencer program with an influencer discovery engine tailored to your specific market.

Content Discovery

Find the best performing content for your audience to engage with.

Custom Benchmark Scores

Benchmark your digital marketing performance and set metric and KPI targets.